Self-taught (a lot of trial and error, reading, and seeing what works for others), Gerry has been shooting since early high school days. Gerry is based in the United States (Texas). “This is a journey. A wonderful journey of learning. I want to keep my horizons broad and clear. I am amazed at the richness of all that God has given us to behold and care for.”

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“I try to look for the art that is all around us.  It’s like a constant scavenger hunt. I like seeing the spectacular, the beautiful and extraordinary.  More often than not, I find it in the  things that are all around us in our daily-ness.  I create nothing: God has already done that.  I merely strive to see and capture the art He has given us. He deserves the credit.  He reveals Himself in his creation.”


⇒  Smithsonian Magazine’s Fourth Annual Photography Contest – Finalist, Americana (“County Line”)

Smithsonian submission - County Line Smokehouse and Grill size modified for final submission@0

Smithsonian Submission – County Line Smokehouse and Grill